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Jessica Huseman is a Stabile Fellow in Investigative Journalism at Columbia Journalism School. She was formerly a history teacher and speech and debate director at an inner-city school in Newark, and she intends to focus on urban issues with specific attention on education and city government while at Columbia. She holds degrees in journalism and political science from Southern Methodist University, where she was editor-in-chief of The Daily Campus. Before adventuring into the world of inner-city education, she was a full time journalist working for HousingWire magazine. She’s also worked for The Texas Lawbook, The Dallas Morning NewsThe Dallas Business Journal and Dallas’ CBS 11.  

Andrew ScogginAndrew Scoggin is a journalist at The Dallas Morning News who lives in Dallas and hails from Buchanan, Mich. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University, where he also served as sports editor at The Daily Northwestern. He previously worked with Jessica at HousingWire Magazine, and also interned as a reporter at The Indianapolis Star, The Oregonian, The Grand Rapids Press and the South Bend Tribune. Read more about him and his previous work at his personal website.

Meet our writers

TJ MayesT.J. Mayes is a policy advisor in San Antonio, Texas. He writes about national politics for Politically Inclined. During college and law school, T.J. worked on Capitol Hill and with several political campaigns. Follow him @ThomasMayesJr and at


Alex StambaughAlex Stambaugh is a production assistant for the Today Show and lives in New York City. She covers global politics with a special focus on conflict for Politically Inclined. She studied international affairs at George Washington University, where she was an editor on the undergraduate international affairs journal, The Globe. While there, she studied abroad in Amman, Jordan and interned at NBC’s Meet the Press, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Campaigns & Elections Magazine. Follow  her on Twitter.

Brandon BubBrandon Bub
is a history teacher in Dallas, and covers the Supreme Court for Politically Inclined. He graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he majored in English, American History and Political Science (yes, all of them). While there, he was the opinion editor of The Daily Campus. He enjoys studying and writing about the intersection between religion and politics, and was a founding member of SMU’s own Secular Student Alliance-affiliated student group. He also plays a mean banjo.

Karam Singh SethiKaram Singh Sethi is a publication assistant for the Aspen Institute, and covers global politics for Politically Inclined. He graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in International Relations and Economics in 2012.  He recently completed a Fulbright grant teaching Secondary school English in rural Malaysia.  Besides being adept at squatty-potty and eating-with-hands etiquette, he rehabilitates anxiety driven nail biters.  He reads, writes, and runs but if you want to get on his sweet side take him on the Brooklyn Brewery tour.  He’s been more times than you can count, but his life force has increasingly become free alcohol. Follow him on Twitter at @KaramSinghSethi.

Dana LeaDana Lea is an ESL Instructor and Cultural Orientation Coordinator at the the Kentucky Refugee Ministries. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University where she studied human rights, African studies, and international relations. She has lived internationally in both Ghana and South Korea. Throughout university Dana stayed connected to politics and human rights through participation in SMU’s Model United Nations team and Amnesty International. She has volunteered with both women’s and LGBT rights organizations, and continues to be passionate about these causes. Follow her on Twitter@DanaAnneLea

Miles BrownMiles Brown is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He’s majoring in political science and history with a certificate in Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies. His political stance is best described as classic Progressivism in the vein of Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Croly. His post college plans are, as yet, undecided, but he’ll probably go into public policy research.

Carisa Lopez is from Dallas, and is a staffer for the Democratic Party of Texas.  Carisa is passionate about equality and women’s health and blogs about women’s health and Texas politics, which are often intertwined. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in government.


Irene Morse just graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, and previously interned at the Center for American Progress, focusing on LGBT issues.  She studied abroad in Morocco and she is (almost) fluent in Arabic. She was an editor for UTD’s opinion paper A Modest Proposal and competed nationally in moot court.  When she’s not covering LGBT issues for Politically Inclined, she’s writing for her personal blog, found here.

Alex EhmkeAlex Ehmke is the copy editor for Politically Inclined and occasionally blogs about national politics. He is a third year law student at Columbia Law School, and serves as an article editor at the Columbia Business Law Review. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with degrees in economics and political science, and now spends the majority of his time watching Rangers baseball and trying to find Shiner Beer in New York.

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