ISIS has become the richest terrorist group in the world

ISIS control as of June 21By Karam Singh Sethi
June 22, 2014

ISIS, the terrorist organization that is currently moving dangerously close to Baghdad, has become widely recognized as the richest terrorist group in the world. And you know how they attained that coveted title? Good, old-fashioned, as American as apple pie… bank robbery.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (a highly disputed name) “seized” Mosul last week and with it, the city’s central bank. The group now has 429 million USD from that heist alone. Other forms of finance are still funneling in from more traditional means, like local business extortion (think Frank Costello collecting dues) and private Sunni donors.

The recent acquisition combined with the sustainable cash flow (about 8 million USD a month) has pushed ISIS to the top of the richest terrorist groups list.

According to the State Department’s Annual Country Reports on Terrorism, a few non-state terrorist groups posing the largest threat to U.S. interests include:

  • Al Shabaab
  • Hizballah
  • Hamas
  • Taliban in Afghanistan

The State Department list correlates closely with Money Jihad’s five richest terrorist groups list. But ISIS’s estimated financial standing now beats them all.

ISIS revenue

  • Taliban in Afghanistan:  560 million USD (2011)
  • Hizballah: 500 million USD (2011)
  • Hamas:  70 million USD (2011)
  • Al Shabaab: 100 million USD (2011)
  • ISIS: 2 billion USD (highest estimate as of June, 2014

(Note: the non-ISIS estimates are on the higher end, and the total ISIS revenue is taken from a recent Guardian article

Predicting terrorist group’s revenue stream is nearly impossible and some claim the recent ISIS robbery gained far less than publicized. Nonetheless ISIS’s ability to self-fund and diversify financially, portrays the group’s newfound sophistication.

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