A quiz: Upworthy, Buzzfeed or Clickhole?

By Jessica Huseman
June 12, 2014

The brilliant creators of The Onion have now launched “Clickhole” — a public insult to sites such as Buzzfeed and Upworthy, whose mindless content sinks users of Internet into deep holes of complete pointlessness. These sites make a living telling you that issues very intelligent people have been grappling with for decades actually have “simple solutions,” and reducing issues of social justice down to rants on how mean people who disagree with them are. These sites are making America dumber, and Clickhole is here to show you just how true that is.

So, to highlight the genius of this site, let’s have a quiz. Can YOU figure out which is which? I bet you can’t!

The answers are after every picture, so, you know, scroll carefully.


Buzzfeed Clickhole Sex IQThis one is my favorite. The first one is Clickhole, which is beautiful because it isn’t nearly as ridiculous as the second one, which is from Buzzfeed. There’s really nothing better than dumbing sex, sexuality and all of the complicated sciencey-stuff that goes with it down to a one question quiz, y’all.


Upworthy Clickhole Never Heard Of

The first one is Upworthy, and the second one is Clickhole. In case you were wondering, that environmental regulation you’ve never heard of is the reduction of carbon emission by new coal-fired power plants. Oh, you’ve heard of that? Yeah. Me too.


Buzzfeed Clickhole Quiz

The first one is Clickhole and the second one is Buzzfeed. Yeah.


Upworthy Clickhole Little Girl

I’m going to go ahead and leave these here without comment. The first one is Clickhole and the second one is Upworthy.


Buzzfeed Clickhole MoviesBECAUSE YOU ARE TWENTY FIVE AND A FUCKING CRONE! The first one is Buzzfeed and the second one is Clickhole.

Upworthy  Clickhole LGBT

The first one is Upworthy and the second one is Clickhole. Because, hugging someone you disagree with while a camera is watching means that bigots can just get over it, right?

Did you get all of them right? Probably not.

So, welcome to the Internet, Clickhole. You give us all hope.

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