The launch of Vox News means big things for political media screengrab, March 16. screengrab, March 16.

By Karam Singh Sethi
March 16, 2014

The archetype political millennial, Ezra Klein (Irvine born, holler), released a video explaining the philosophy behind To make important news stories understandable and entertaining.

In a video introduction to the site, Klein aptly describes the revolution of digital news media: where it was, where it is and where it’s going.

“There is a problem with journalism,” Klein begins, and it’s stale news or “vegetable” news — the stories that are important, but that writers can’t figure out how to make relatable to people. He says:

We have to figure out how to make this stuff not just matter to people, not just appealing to people — we have to make it understandable for them, too.”

He’s right, and it’s on the shoulders of journalists, pundits, columnist, editors and the like to change the game.  He’s joining an elite club.  Never have there been so many striving for that same goal:

  • Thinkprogress
  • Salon
  • The New Republic
  • PolicyMic
  • Politically Inclined — yes, even us!

It’s an exciting new frontier for political journalism and Klein is an appropriate leader for the cause.  At the tender age of 29 he’s been named one of the most powerful voices in Washington by GQ, the Society of American Business Editors and Writers named him Opinion Columnist of the Year (2011), and The Economist called him one of the “Minds of the Moment.”  Kid’s been around and he’s still climbing.

Starting Vox News is a brilliant next step to prove Klein’s longevity in Washington and he’s not just joining the cockfight of digital news media, he is widening the industry’s breadth.  His voice will carry across the waning existence of baby boomers in the Capital and open the floodgates for millennial opinion.  The nascent Vox team reflects Klein’s let’s-change-the-game persona.

Susannah Locke, Brandon Ambrosino, Joseph Stromber, Eleanor Barkhorn, Melissa Bell, Matthew Yglesias (did I miss anyone?) were recently announced via the company’s Facebook page.  Pulling from Slate, Salon, Thinkprogress, Popular Science, and other quip-y publications gives sense to what Vox will sound like; succinct pros, deep-web insight, and a bit of satire.

Silicon Valley may have monopoly over the Tech revolution, but the emergence of Vox brings back attention to passionate and now cutting-edge Washington DC.

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