Cornyn not ‘too liberal’ for Texas after all

By Jessica Huseman
March 4, 2014

Hey remember when someone (what was his name?) called John Cornyn (R-Texas), the second-most conservative member of the Senate, “too liberal” for Texas? Well, it turns out Texas disagrees.

Former Rep. Steve Stockman has now exhausted all attempts to remain relevant.

Former Rep. Steve Stockman has now exhausted all attempts to remain relevant.

Former House Rep. Steve Stockman (that was his name!) decided to primary Cornyn from the right (this is actually possible in Texas) and call him “liberal” 23 times in a single typo-fraught letter on his website in an effort to call him the L-word so many times people actually believed it. It turns out his efforts were in vein.

About an hour and a half after polls have closed in the Texas Primary, Stockman is at a very distant second at 15 percent of the vote compared to Cornyn’s 65. These numbers will likely stay just about the same as the rest of the results roll in, but should you want to watch the numbers roll in, here’s a live ticker from the Texas Tribune:

Stockman has conceded the race on Twitter, at first with characteristically unclassy tweets that had a whiff of “lack of a young intern to do this for me”:



He finished up with this uncharacteristically classy tweet calling for unification:


In addition to a clean primary, this means that Cornyn will breeze through the actual election in November, as his challenger is a dentist from Dallas no one has ever heard of and who already has a pretty expensive Congressional loss under his belt.

If the news that this bastion of Conservatism will be returning to the Senate next January is just too sad for you, take heart in that this officially means Stockman — who once invited Ted Nugent to the State of the Union address — has exhausted all efforts to become relevant in Texas or anywhere else. That is, unless Fox News gives him a shot. How about it, Palin? Looking for a co-host?

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