Elisa Chan’s damage control plan after homophobic comments? Pretend the meanies don’t exist

By Jessica Huseman

Elisa Chan, the San Antonio city councilwoman who recently came under fire for homophobic comments, has decided to fight back — and her attempts to redeem herself are almost as sad as the original comments that got her into this mess in the first place.

Chan’s comments — which ranged from describing homosexuality as “so disgusting!” to calling homosexuality a “behavioral preference” and saying gay couples should be “banned” from adoption — were originally sent to the San Antonio Express-News. When the Express-News originally reached out to Chan, she attempted to pretend she didn’t know the staffer who leaked the tape. This was bad enough, but now it seems she’s decided to get back at the Express-News for releasing the information by forgetting it exists.

While the Express-News requested a statement on Friday, not a sound came from the Chan team over the weekend. Then, a statement was released this morning — only they chose not to send it to the Express-News.

Express-News reproter Josh Baugh contacted Chan’s Communications Chief Roger LeGrand for the press release, and Legrand told Baugh he wouldn’t be able to get it to him until later in the day because he was traveling. When Baugh asked why they didn’t get it in the first place, the conversation became even more entertaining:

“I’m sorry,” LeGrand said. “I just provided it to a limited list of people who had contacted me on Friday.”

We reminded him that we’d asked for it on Friday and again inquired why we hadn’t gotten the release Monday morning.

“Thank you for your help,” he said. “I’ll be happy to send it to you when I get back to a computer.”

Perhaps when LeGrand gets back to a computer, he should also ask his boss for technology that allows him to disseminate a four-sentence response from a smart phone.


The four-sentence response, in case you were wondering, is as follows:

The comments from the staff meeting on May 21 were and are my personal opinions and thoughts as guaranteed to me by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is unfortunate that a former member of my District 9 Council team betrayed the trust of my staff members and me. I will fight, I will always fight for our freedom of speech especially in a private setting. I plan to hold a press conference this week to address this issue.”

Chan’s team could probably use a crash course in PR. I’ll offer a free lesson: Don’t implement solutions that make you look even worse than you already do. It’s not helpful — just ask this guy.

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