Dan Patrick uses cat gifs to attack David Dewhurst

DewFeedBy Jessica Huseman

It’s happening, people. Politics has fallen so far that it must now rely on cat gifs to relay messages.

Dan Patrick, a candidate for lieutenant governor in Texas, has created DewFeed.com, a BuzzFeed-style site attacking Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Specifically, the site criticizes Dewhurst’s performance on the night Wendy Davis rocked pink shoes and kicked Texas Republicans in their collective ass, using cat gifs to tell the story.

The site, which is a spot-on mimic of BuzzFeed, contains a single post titled “The night that will live in Texas political infamy, as told by cats.” I’m not going to ruin this for you, because it really does need to be experienced firsthand, but I’ll tell you that it starts with “Dewhurst had made a lot of noise about his support for the unborn” with a gif of a cat negatively reacting to a party-style noise maker; and ends with “Support Dan Patrick, candidate for Texas Lt. Governor, he’ll never back down from a fight” complete with a cat taking on a dog with light sabers.

I’m sure one of Patrick’s young, hip campaign interns thought this up or something, but I’m wondering what good he expects it to achieve. Young people aren’t super pro-life, rarely turn out for mid-term elections and will probably find him generally out of touch — his book on the importance of reading the Bible is humbly titled, “The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read,” for starters.

But hey, everybody loves cats! Who wants to start a pot on how long it will take Dewhurst to respond using Honey Boo Boo gifs?

He can start with this one:


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