What do Benghazi, the IRS and the Associated Press scandals all have in common?


By Alex Stambaugh

This past week, the Obama Administration faced a trio of scandals that threaten to derail his presidency. Beyond defacing one of the most popular presidents in American history, what do these three unseeingly related institutions have in common?

When wrapped into one, they depict how unapologetically our government lies to our faces in the sometimes-deceiving name of security. That’s right, it’s for our “benefit” – or so they say.

To take you back to the beginning of this week, it all started with the Benghazi “whistleblowers” who revealed that the September 11th attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, which killed four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was actually a planned terrorist attack rather than a spontaneous demonstration sparked by a recent anti-Muslim film as Ambassador Susan Rice stated that following Sunday.

As if it weren’t enough to have lied in the beginning, President Obama continued to defend his position pleading that the original talking points had been true all along and that the unenclosed information was agreed upon by the CIA and the State Department for national security purposes.

“Suddenly, three days ago, this gets spun up as if there’s something new to this story,” he said.

Unsurprisingly the media didn’t buy that jargon, so he sent his press secretary, Jay Carney, into the shark tank of White House correspondents to flounder with 131 questions.

But that wasn’t the only news rattling Americans’ trust in the government that day.

The Internal Revenue Service also got caught targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. Documents and officials confirmed that the IRS had questioned conservative groups about their donors and voter outreach activities more than others and delayed the processing of tax-exempt status for these groups.

To top it all off with a cherry, the Associated Press revealed Tuesday morning that the Department of Justice had hacked over 20 phone lines at the Associated Press that are used by more than 100 journalists. Although these actions aren’t illegal (which says something in itself about our lack of privacy) the size and depth of tapped lines reaches an all time high as far as we know.

With all these dark truths of government deception coming out at once, it seems that Obama and his administration’s golden age of credibility and public faith may be rusting away not just in the eyes of the capital centric Republicans and Democrats, but now also in those of the American people.

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