Claire McCaskill joins Spotify ranks, listens to One Direction

Photo by Charles Minshew/KOMU

Photo by Charles Minshew/KOMU

By Andrew Scoggin

Last month, when Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) released his Spotify playlist, the world learned that his music tastes range from Christian rock to Tupac. (True story.)

It was a bit weird — not that congresspeople don’t use social media, but Rubio’s musical venture was certainly different. And the Internet, as it is wont to do, reacted as such.

Now count Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) among the musically inclined on Spotify, part of a concerted social media effort from her office.

McCaskill, fresh off a victory over Todd Akin (yes, that Todd Akin), released her Spotify playlist Friday on her office’s Facebook page, accompanied by a personal message. There’s nothing terribly controversial on it — Mumford & Sons, The Temptations, Sugarland — although some might bristle at the inclusion of a One Direction song. (She tweeted Saturday that she hadn’t heard reviews from her kids, so maybe it’s that.)

Courtesy Sen. Claire McCaskill's office (click to enlarge)

Courtesy Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office (click to enlarge)

It’s among other ways McCaskill is trying to reach out to constituents, according to a spokesperson in her office. She’s fairly active on Twitter with roughly 2,500 tweets.

“Sen. McCaskill has generally always been on the forefront of using social media has a tool to communicate directly with her constituents,” the spokesperson said in an email. “She legitimately loves Spotify, and decided she wanted to start sharing her playlists on a regular basis with folks and hearing from others on what she should be listening to.”

The spokesperson said they weren’t aware of anyone in Congress doing this aside from McCaskill and Rubio. (Personally, the two have a leg up on me.) She plans on releasing more, with the first of her playlists titled “Seriously Good Mood.” I’m guessing the mood-based playlists won’t venture into negative territory, although I wouldn’t blame her for getting down about Washington.

McCaskill composes her own tweets without reaching Chuck Grassley-like levels of incomprehensibility and without pre-screening from her office. That results in pics of the Wienermobile and Justice Antonin Scalia’s inauguration hat, and in tweets like this from Monday:

McCaskill also has a strict policy of not following anyone, which she explained on her Tumblr. She’s a Reddit account away from being all over the Interwebs.

The Spotify playlist, however, is a bit different. Social media provides politicians with another means to stay connected and interact with constituents, albeit with more immediacy than email or snail mail. It also allows them to stay on message and promote certain causes. McCaskill, for instance, applauded House passage of the Violence Against Women Act late last month.

But Spotify doesn’t give many opportunities for political discourse. It’s a list of songs that might reveal something about someone’s personality, but not much more. Then again, congresspeople are, well, people, and people generally like music. It gives a chance to connect with constituents, and music tastes aren’t grounds for impeachment … with the exception of Nickelback.

Politicians could also, theoretically, give nods to their communities through Spotify. Rubio’s playlist featured Pitbull, a Cuban American singer also from Miami. McCaskill included plenty of country music, given much of Missouri probably enjoys it, and folk rock, which definitelynotreally is a nod to Mark Twain.

That, or Rubio just likes Pitbull, McCaskill has varied tastes and I’m thinking into this too much.

So who’s the next pol to release a Spotify playlist? My money is on Grassley, although judging by his tweets, we may not want to know.

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