Ashley Judd won’t seek McConnell’s Senate seat in 2014

By Andrew Scoggin

After weeks of speculation for whatever reason, actress Ashley Judd announced she will not run for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky in 2014.

Reports surfaced Wednesday that Judd had made a decision not to run for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s seat as a Democrat, and she later confirmed it via Twitter:

ashley judd tweet

(Well, at least it sounds like she’s referring to the Senate race. That or she just randomly tweets all the time about needing to focus on her family.)

Without prior knowledge, all of this sounds pretty weird. Ashley Judd, as in “Double Jeopardy” Ashley Judd, running as for Senate? Did she even stand a chance against McConnell, a five-term senator and one of the top Republicans in the country?

Thing is, according to the behavior of her potential competition, Judd’s candidacy seemed plausible. American Crossroads, the Super PAC co-founded by Karl Rove, released an attack ad against her in early February as rumors swirled. McConnell’s campaign did the same roughly a week later.

Judd has a considerable philanthropic streak to go alongside her acting career, and she’s of the well-known, country music-connected Judd family. Kentucky isn’t exactly a safe haven for Democrats, seeing as Mitt Romney won the state by 23 points, so a little name recognition could have helped.

But, alas, it’s not meant to be. Judd isn’t the first to turn down a chance at the Democratic nomination, as apparently nine others have opted not to run against McConnell. Yikes.

Still, both The Washington Post and The Christian Science Monitor are framing Judd’s reluctance as a positive for Democrats. Judd has that Hollywood baggage, and there might be a better-suited candidate in Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

OK, that’s enough celebrity news for a good while.

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