Right wing news gives almost no coverage to Trump’s ‘announcement’

Trump probably isn’t blow away by coverage of his announcement. Pun completely intended.

By Jessica Huseman

When Donald Trump first started his press-capade teasing his “very big news” about Obama, he told Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson that it would be such a shocker that news organizations would “cover it in a very big fashion.” Like the whole “very big news” thing, the bit about coverage was also entirely false – even for conservative news organizations.

Even Fox News only gave it a few seconds of air time in a few shows. It’s largest segment was on Gretta Van Susteren’s show where she went beyond just covering it and said she was “satisfied” that the birther issue was over, and pushed him on what he was hoping to get out of this.

More telling, however, is that Van Susteren didn’t even run him at the top of her show. He was the middle of the pack – where journalists put stories that don’t matter. It’s not important enough to begin with, and it’s not good enough to end with.

The underwhelming coverage on conservative news doesn’t stop at Gretta. Could it be that even conservative news organizations are getting tired of Trump? Let’s take a look:

This isn’t slowing down Trump, though, who insists the reaction “has been incredible.”

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