Donald Trump’s ‘very big’ announcement on Obama: A trump card or a tease?

By Jessica Huseman

Yesterday on Fox & Friends, Donald Trump let it be known that he will make a “very big” announcement tomorrow about President Barack Obama that might just derail his campaign. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, no one actually watches Fox & Friends, so it was his tweet that caused all the stir:

Neither his appearance on Fox & Friends or his Twitter account have offered any more detail. Not even Gretchen Carlson could get any details out of him. He only said, “It’s going to be very big. I know one thing — you will cover it in a very big fashion.” Though it wasn’t immediately obvious whether he meant that Fox would cover it, or if everyone else would also cover it. As we know, those tend to be two different things.

But because Trump knows how to play the “I need attention” game and he’s still begging for relevancy in a political world that has already deemed him completely useless, random bursts back into the spotlight stir a lot of curiosity. His pending announcement is now being covered by every outlet from Perez Hilton to Politico.

It has stirred up so much speculation that Irish gambling site Paddy Power is allowing people to bet on what the announcement will be. Currently winning at 2 to 5 odds is “Obama is not an American.” A likely guess, given Trump’s birther beliefs. Following is “Trump to ‘fire an Obama impersonator'” at 4 to 1 odds and “evidence of illegal drug use by Obama” at 8 to 1 odds. My personal favorite is Trump telling Obama “I am your father” at 500 to 1 odds. As hilarious as that is, the site deems it more likely that Trump will out Obama as an alien at 250 to 1 odds.

All of the betting may be for not, however. RadarOnline is “exclusively” reporting that a “college friend” of Obama’s is outing Obama for selling drugs during his college days. The source evidently wanted to do a book, but there just “wasn’t enough time before the election.”

Which leads me to say: He’s been president for four years – is four years not long enough to write a book? Or, is the entire year that this campaign has been going on not long enough to write a book? This source has theoretically known this information since college. Why is he just coming around now? Seems suspicious to me.

In any case, this “source” says he is willing to go on record and take a polygraph test, and that there are “multiple sources who can back up allegations that Obama used and sold cocaine in college.”

While the source says he pitched the bit to the Romney campaign, the higher ups of the campaign said they wanted nothing to do with it and that “They don’t want their candidate smeared with this type of activity.”

All of this seems a little strange to me, and most of Trump’s “announcements” are less announcements and more childish cries for attention, but maybe being the person people with dirt run to when their dirt is rejected elsewhere may prove to be interesting.


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