Donald Trump announces that he needs attention

By DonkeyHotey/Flickr

By Jessica Huseman

Well, it was what we all expected: A massive cry for attention.

At noon today, Donald Trump made his “big announcement” about President Obama. Except it wasn’t announcement about President Obama, it was an announcement to president Obama. In keeping with his birther movement – even beginning the “press release” with a healthy dose of self-glorification in that regard – he has announced he will donate $5 million to the charity of Barack Obama’s choice, so long as Obama releases all of his college records and his passport application by 5 p.m. on Oct. 31.

This is what your “big announcement” was? And here we were speculating that you were going to tell us Obama was an alien. Clearly, your announcement was actually that you were sad that no one gives a damn about you any more and this is a Hail Mary pass to change your misfortune. I say misfortune, but that makes it seem like he couldn’t control what happened to him. So I’ll change that to “stupidity.”

Trump says if Obama releases all of these records, he will become as transparent as “all other presidents.” But how many presidents do you know that released their college applications? Not many.

Releasing college transcripts is not the norm. We have Bush’s, but that’s because someone at the New Yorker managed to get his/her hands on them (in violation of Federal privacy laws) – the campaign never released them. The same happened with Al Gore, though that was the Washington Post but they still did not have permission from the campaign to release them.

Since that surprise release of information in 2008, there have been these people who think it’s relevant to know what our presidential candidates made in college algebra. Why on earth do you want to know what George W. Bush, Al Gore or Barack Obama made in their classes 30 years ago? If I’m given jobs 30 years from now based on the grades I made in college, I’m sure I’ll be totally unemployable. Sorry, future Americans. I’m really freaking terrible at physics.

Frankly, everyone is tired of this bull shit – birthers, I give you full permission to send me mean emails about that statement – but they are. They are tired of it. I am tired of it. And now he has put Obama in a terrible position – give in to my ridiculous demands, or people who need money very badly won’t get it.

I think that says more about Donald Trump than it says about Obama. But, listen to the video above to see what you think. Though the fact that the comments on the video have been disabled should be telling.

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