Hilarious commentary tears Meghan McCain’s book apart – pictures!

By Ashley Withers

I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Meghan McCain, Sen. John McCain’s self-proclaimed “liberal Republican” daughter, but usually I’m a fan. Her belief in the need for a revamped GOP resonates with me.

I follow Ms. McCain on Twitter and sometime last year I started seeing all of these tweets about this crazy road trip she was on and I was excited to learn the adventure would be turned into a book.

But right before the book (interestingly titled “America, You Sexy Bitch”) was released in June, I read a book review by Betsy Woodruff of the National Review that ripped it to shreds. It not only ripped it, but I laughed through the entire review. I obviously had to share it on all of my favorite social media outlets.

On Twitter I posted “So is it weird that I read this, died laughing, and still want to read this book #AmericaYouSexyBitch” and Woodruff responded to me! She offered to mail me her copy as long as I didn’t mind her “rude” commentary. I DMed her and gave her my address.

To my surprise, she actually mailed it to me! Below are some of my favorite bits of commentary and here is the link to Woodruff’s excellent review.

[Politically Inclined’s favorite bit of commentary? “Note to MM: This is why God made ghost writers.” Ouch.]

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