Fake Seth Rogen tweets about Romney quoting KKK, reignites debate

By Jessica Huseman

In the bizarre world of Twitter, anything can happen.

Recently, my blog started getting a lot – I mean, a lot – of hits about an incident that popped up last December when Romney said the words “Keep America America” and a lot of folks thought he said “Keep America American,” which would have been a KKK motto from the 1920s. Oops.

I thought, as did most of the world, that this incident had been called to a close. But it appears that a Twitter account, seemingly belonging to Seth Rogen but not really, tweeted the following on Saturday:

“that akward moment you realize Mitt Romney’s Slogan, ‘Keep America American’ was the same slogan used by the KKK in 1922…”

The Twitter account it came from, @Real_Seth, is now suspended. As far as I can tell, the REAL Seth Rogen (contrary to what that Twitter handle would have you believe) is actually @Sethrogen and said account tweeted nothing of the kind. So, while the internet is going bananas over Seth Rogen getting political, it turns out that it was a Seth Rogen fan page.

This Tweet became so hyped that Snopes.com wrote a post debunking it, even though they didn’t write one when the actual incident happened last December.

In any case, my hits on a post I wrote last December are flying through the roof because of curious Googlers.

It turns out that if you Google “Romney quotes KKK” (which a ton of people have been doing in the last 72 hours), my blog is the first result:

I know two things now: One, my Google tactics are working. Two, people really do follow celebrities (or who they believe to be celebrities) like lemmings.

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