Donald Trump gets personal with Arianna Huffington on Twitter

By Jessica Huseman

Just before 8 this morning, Donald Trump tweeted something pretty mean about Arianna Huffington, the president and editor in chief of the Huffington Post.

An hour later, the feedback became so brutal you’d think Trump would have apologized. But, that’s not like a man who combs over his hair rather than dealing with his baldness.

So far, Huffington has not responded on her Twitter account. Huffington and her former husband, former congressman Michael Huffington, divorced (in a friendly way) in 2007. A year later he revealed he was bisexual, and is now a gay rights activist.

Michael Cohen, a spokesman for Trump, told the Washington Post that “the phony Huffington Post’s massive and consistently inaccurate reporting on Mr. Trump” prompted the tweet, though he didn’t specify what reporting he was talking about.

TMZ speculates it was this Aug. 16 piece on HuffPo written by Jack Mirkinson entitled, “Donald Trump: Why So Moody?” The piece speculated that reason the “birther/mogul/pageant overlord has been especially crabby of late” was caused by “slights from the press,” “because he’s been a bit behind the news lately, and he’s using bluster to catch up with the times,” and because “he’s secretly stressed out about the supposed ‘big surprise’ he’s got in store for the Republican National Convention.”

The post led to this same-day Twitter response from Trump:

Mirkinson’s response?

Regardless of how much HuffPo pokes fun at Trump, personal attacks on Huffington’s previous marriage seem a little much. We’ll see how much “more to follow” there really is.

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