Walker wins recall. What now?


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As I suspected earlier, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has won the recall. After two years of demonstrations, angry union workers kicking up dust in the media, Wisconsin legislators walking out of sessions, and everything else, it looks like he’s here to stay.

I’ll say again that this isn’t a bellwether for November. Walker outspent his opponent by almost eight times, and the Democratic party was completely divided in the state. So how, exactly, does that offer a fair view into the real political feelings of the state of Wisconsin? Walker was bound to win all along, that was never a legitimate question.

What we really wonder now, however, is how the state’s Democrats recover after this crushing (though expected) blow? Blue will probably win out in the state Senate, which will reduce Walker’s power as governor, but that won’t stop the blame game. Union leaders will blame party officials, and vice versa, probably weakening the party even more.

Right now, all of them are pointing the finger at President Obama and Vice President Biden for not coming out in stronger support of Walker’s Democratic opponent. Obama stood a lot to lose, and its not surprising he chose to sit this one out. If it is true (and it is) that Walker was always going to win, the only thing that would have happened to Obama is bad press. So, Obama is a convenient target now, but that won’t last long before the forces against Walker realize they just didn’t have their head in the game from the beginning.

In other news, there were some primaries tonight. Anyone care about those? I thought not.

-Jessica Huseman

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