GOP debate number 26 just as useless as the rest

I find myself disgusted at the spectacle political debates have become.

Today’s debate was more concerned with personal issues than national ones, and completely failed to address any of the standing policy questions that the candidates have yet to answer. Housing, real economic issues, jobs … all of it fell by the wayside to talk about contraception, who likes ear marks and loving Jesus.

It’s tiring, and it’s cheating the American people.

For instance, as I talked about for my blog on HousingWire, more than half of the homes in Arizona are underwater and more than 250,00 homes have been foreclosed on. Yet, in a two hour debate there was not a single mention of housing. But there was a lot of talk about birth control. Birth control. I won’t go any further.

Parts of the debate didn’t even make any sense. For instance, Newt Gingrich described himself as “cheerful.” Was he trying to be ironic? It doesn’t seem so. Santorum, whose been lambasting Romney for weeks floundered like a confused child whose mother gave him a shot of bourbon to calm him down. It was a mess.

Perhaps the 27th debate will be different. Though I fear it won’t be.

If you missed it, here’s Talking Points Memo debate in 100 seconds. Its just as useful as the full think.

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