You only THOUGHT University Park was serious about its parking

University Park has been on a bit of a parking tirade for the last year. They now require residential parking permits, are fiddling with parking in Snider Plaza and battling lawsuits with business property owners over parking garages.

So, you would think they’d take parking pretty seriously, right?

Turns out, no.

I spotted this sad parking job in the parking lot of the SMU bookstore on Mockingbird while at lunch. Looks like this cop really needed to pick up his laundry.

I mean, call me a bitter former SMU student who got robbed of 50 bucks that one time (even though I had a picture showing I was inside the lines…whatever…), but seriously guys. Come on.

UPDATE 3:45 p.m.:

Evidently, says UP chief of police Gary Adams in a comment on this blog, this particular officer was dealing with “a mental patient who was exposing himself and urinating on the sidewalk.”

Adams also points out that because it is a private parking lot, “any citizen could park this way on that particular parking lot” and would not be in violation of any parking ordinances.

I didn’t see anyone whipping anything out, or any cops for that matter (and its not a big place), but I’m going to ignore that fact and instead commend Adams for being so shockingly straight forward with the amount of information shared in his comment about a decently embarrassing situation.

I guess we can give the poorly parked officer a pass.

On the bright side, since the chief of police himself has assured us all that no one can ticket you when you park in that lot … Let’s all start double parking!

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