Iowa Caucus suffered from severe lack of classiness

While the 8-vote win for Romney in Iowa was less than decisive, the grunts and huffs from the two oldest candidates in the race screamed loud and clear – just like a tantrum a four year old might throw.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich pulled the caucus down a whole level on the classy scale. It is yet unclear what the two men – who both qualify for the senior discount at Luby’s – believe they will gain from stomping their feet and sticking their tongues out like toddlers (figuratively, of course).

Paul, who came in third place behind Romney and Rick Santorum, taunted Jon Huntsman for his virtually non-existent polling numbers in a move that was both highly bizarre and unprofessional.

Snap, Ron.

The post was originally deleted, potentially by one of the campaign’s webmasters who thought the account had been hacked. Turns out, that lowly theoretical webmaster is more polite and reasonable than the rest of the Ron Paul campaign, which corrected the mistake by tweeting it again a short while later.

Paul spokesman Gary Howard told Politico, “I think someone mistakenly deleted it. I think our IT guy didn’t know it was being tweeted when he saw it, thought someone hacked it. But it wasn’t a hacked tweet. It was our tweet. We said what we wanted to say .”

Huntman spokesperson Tim Miller responded by saying: “We find it odd that Congressman Paul would attack Gov. Huntsman in such a childish fashion. Just the latest in a long line of odd statements from him.”

Word, Tim. Word. Your classiness shines in comparison to the “Neener, neener, neener!” chants of the Paul campaign.

Our second batch of childishness came from Gingrich, who in his angry rant of a parting speech ignored his pledge to stay positive by blasting Romney and Paul after coming in an embarrassing fourth place. His justification: he reserves “the right to tell the truth.”

“If the truth seems negative, that may be more a comment on his [Romney’s] record than the nature of politics,” he said. He also called Paul’s foreign policy “stunningly dangerous for the survival of the United States.”

Sure, Newt. But is that haughty phrasing the best way to go about running a positive campaign? I’m sure the crowd of less than 100 people watching you was thoroughly entertained – and perhaps disappointed – by your focusing on other candidates than the direction of your own campaign. Which, I might add, is on a definite downward trajectory after you were the frontrunner only a couple of weeks ago.

After his hissy-fight of a speech, Newt did the only fitting thing for a three year old who just lost has favorite game: He left as fast as he could on his privately chartered plane, stomping his little feet the whole way out.

Here’s to hoping New Hampshire keeps it classy.

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