UT College Republicans president defends tweet about Obama and crack

A few days ago, the new president of Texas College Republicans tweeted, “My president is black, he snorts a lot of crack. Holla. #2012 #Obama.” Since then, she’s received criticism almost on the same national scale as her predecessor, who sent out a slightly more offensive tweet about the president. And, in her public Twitter feed, she’s defending her tweet.

She quotes a passage of his book, “Dream from my Father” to back her statement up:

Here’s the problem: The issue isn’t that at one point in his life, he did crack. (Though, you smoke crack, you don’t snort it…like Ms. Wright said in her original tweet, and the “blow” Wright refers to is cocaine, and not crack. But, I guess “black” doesn’t rhyme with “cocaine,” does it?) The issue is that her tweet was entirely inappropriate and unprofessional, and relates his doing crack to his being black – which just screams of racist stereotypes. It also insinuates he still does it, which is not true. It’s one thing to tweet: “Obama did crack when he was younger.” It’s entirely another to tweet “My president is black, he smokes a lot of crack. Holla.”

But, not to fear, Wright also defended her mention of Obama’s being black.

I’m going with Ross on this one. She really doesn’t understand.

Classy, UTCR. Classy.

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