An update from Sylvia Rhodes Bradley

Courtesy of Sylvia Rhodes Bradley

In my recent Big D Dirt post on John Wiley Price I pointed out that Sylvia Rhodes Bradley, his challenger for reelection, I pointed out her recent disappearance from the campaign trail. She contacted me to let me know she was on her way back into the mix of things – and with a new name.

“Sylvia Rhodes Bradley was long, and we wanted to mix it up, so we are going to start using SRB,” she said. “We want to become more personal, and be in their homes – so to speak. SRB is an easier way to do that.”

SRB said her team has developed a new strategy that they believe will effectively accommodate the senior, middle age and 20-something populations, but she wouldn’t share too many details with me saying they “couldn’t give it all away just yet.”

She did say that she is going to hit social media hard, and work on being “more mobile.”

“We have a whole team working on that. We’re going to hit different places at the same time on the ground. It will be old fashioned canvassing,” she said. “We’ll go to grocery stores, parks, soccer games, football games, anywhere that our constituents are, we will be.”

But one place she may not be, however, is churches, which have always been a staple of the campaign trail in South Dallas.

“If it is a genuine invite and they want me there, they certainly won’t have to beg me,” she said. “I just want to make sure its not a part of the old way of doing things in Dallas County.”

Rhodes-Bradley said her experience in some churches in 2010 was not the welcoming feeling just described. “If you aren’t in the click, a part of the machine, then they just won’t acknowledge you,” she said.

SRB said she’s had difficulty through the “negative feel” in Dallas politics created by the bad behavior of area politicians – a negative feel she believes churches have taken a part in.

“That feeling has created a barrier,” she said. “I think we can rise again, but we need a bit of a clean up.”

And while some think John Wiley Price can’t be beat in South Dallas, SRB has reason to think otherwise.

“In my own opinion, I don’t think his following is huge,” she said. ” Of course he has certain generation pockets that are dedicated to him and will support him no matter what, but as time goes by it is breaking off.”

She used the sparsely attended rallies held for his legal defense fund as an example of his waning popularity.

“If they held those 10 years ago, they wouldn’t have had enough room to fit everyone, now you can’t get a crowd there,” she said.

SRB plans to formally file soon. And up until the primaries she said she plans to “stay true to [herself] and stay positive.”

“My issues are economic growth, development, the needs of the senior citizens, the disabled and children,” she said. And especially now, the needs of senior citizens are close to her heart.

SRB revealed that the reason she’s been MIA for the past month and a half is beacause she has been caring for her elderly mother, who recently passed away.

“I’m going to take that energy and use it in the campaign as well,” she said. “I really adore senior citizens because of the way I had to take care of my mother, I’m not satisfied with the way they are being treated in Dallas County.”

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