Marco Rubio encourages Hispanic support of GOP at Dallas event

Marco Rubio speaks at the Hispanic Leadership Forum held by the Associated Republicans of Texas on Friday, Nov. 4 at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Dallas. Photo by Jessica Huseman (sorry, I took it on my iPhone).

Marco Rubio encouraged Hispanics to vote Republican this morning, saying that the Hispanic culture and the GOP share similar conservative values and an appreciation for self determination.

He said that the notion supported by Obama and the Democrats that the government should help private citizens make decisions was a “false choice” and “ignores our legacy as a people.”

“Neither Wall Street nor Washington has made America great,” he said. “You know who has? You have.”

Rubio spoke as part of the Hispanic Leadership Forum put on by the Associated Republicans of Texas, which held the event to encourage Hispanic participation in the Republican Party. Texas State Rep. Aaron Pena and Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman also spoke at the event, held this morning at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Dallas.

Pena, who began his career in the Texas House in 2002 as a Democrat, said he switched to the Republican Party this year because the values he was raised with had “slowly eroded” from the Democratic Party.

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party,” he said. “The Democratic Party left me.”

He said Hispanics were “Republicans who don’t know it yet.”

Guzman, the first Latina to sit on the Texas Supreme Court, echoed the notion that Hispanics shared “core values” with the Republican Party, especially the “notion that with hard work the American dream is attainable regardless of your background.”

Rubio, whose account of his parent’s arrival in the United States from Cuba has been under fire recently, said his conservative values were instilled in him through the hard work of his mother and father, who worked low-wage jobs in the service industry so their children could have a better life.

“This is a good story. I’m proud of this story,” he said. “But this story is not possible in an economy dominated by the government.”

He said rules imposed by the government, while they will annoy big business, will not destroy big business because “they can deal with it.”

“You know who can’t deal with it?” he asked the audience. “The guy who is trying to open a business from the spare bedroom of his house, or the woman who is trying to start a business in her garage.”

He spoke openly about the failure of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to turn the economy around, saying they “got everything they wanted” when the Democrats held a majority in both the House and the Senate during the first several months of the Obama White House.

“They inherited a bad economy, no doubt about it. But what’s happened after that?” he said. “There were 12 million unemployed when Obama took office, now there are 14 million.”

After mentioning the increasing debt, the rising number of food stamp recipients, record high poverty and high gas prices, he said the “one thing down” was home values, sparking laughter from the audience.

“There is a reason that thousands upon thousands of people every year enter this country to get away from the economic policies we are now trying to implement in our own country,” he said, calling attention to the positive aspects of the free enterprise system and saying it is the “reason there aren’t boatloads of American refugees aren’t arriving on the shores of other countries.”

“If what you want is a country where hard work and good ideas are rewarded by prosperity and the opportunity to make your kids better off than yourself, there is only one economic system in the history of the world that has consistently made that available, and that is the American free enterprise system, and there is only one political party in the United States that even pretends to believe that,” he said.

He did not simply praise the Republican Party, however. He called for the GOP to lead to charge on reforming immigration policy to make it easier to immigrate to the United States.

“It is a mistake for the Republican Party to only be known as the anti-illegal immigration party. It also needs to be known as the pro legal immigration party,” he said, mentioning that he hopes the 2012 presidential election will bring about much needed discussion of immigration policy.

“When you are talking about immigration, you are not just talking about statistics. The rhetoric matters,” he said. “It’s the real lives of real people who you know and see.”

And while he said immigration was important, he said the “central issue of our time” was economic prosperity, and that the Democratic Party was not fully committed to turning it around because they were too convinced of the risks of the free enterprise system.

“Certainly there will people that fall behind in the free enterprise system,” he said, advocating there continue to be a welfare system “not as a way of life…but as a way for you to get back on your feet.” He advocated a country in which we continued to take care of each other, but said that mindset has ballooned into a government that is too expensive.

“The United States of America is the largest most propserous economy in the history of mankind,” he said. “But in America, we have built ourselves a government that not even the richest country in the history of the world can afford to pay for.”

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10 Responses to Marco Rubio encourages Hispanic support of GOP at Dallas event

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  3. kev07wan Reply

    November 6, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me” – such an overused Reagan-era comment..

  4. S. Griffith Reply

    November 6, 2011 at 11:09 am

    “Thus if you should see bad in another look for the good and build upon
    that / don’t seek punishment rather give focus unto what being the cure.”

    Well said. Although, sometimes punishment is part of the curing and educating process.

    I’ll look for that book you mentioned on Wallace.

    I agree that an over-extension of their military played a part in the downfall of Rome. But, how did this over-extension in their military conquests happen? It was when Rome deviated away from a Republic.

    One can certainly debate the the United States spends a great deal of money on military and that we are too involved militarily around the world. I would humbly disagree overall, but I concede there are individual instances where I do agree and I see the point. The amount of money we spend on all our military ventures pales in comparison to our overall spending to GDP.

  5. william wallace Reply

    November 6, 2011 at 10:15 am

    S. Griffith / One can only feel a great sadness for the American people
    in having been the victims of ongoing brainwashing /// by a vast wealthy
    republican media machine. At all stages of life / brainwashing continues
    where millions upon millions of americans are incapable of forming their
    own opinion // the situation worsened where many states having only an
    republican media machine // in having no alternative viewpoint whatever
    thus for those states the situation is dire // freedom democracy an farce.

    The republicans did not learn such lesson that in having brought the fall
    of the ROMAN EMPIRE ) ( one ) they extended their military forces (FAR
    beyond their ability in maintenence of their upkeep (two) rather continue
    maintain the social upkeep of their people they chose to use their wealth
    in a maintenance of a ever growing army / which was draining the nations
    coffers / thus a recipe for revolt and disaster where maintenance of army
    plunged the people into poverty into revolt in bringing ROME’S great fall.

    We see the same seen played out today with the NEW ROMAN EMPIRE
    that being the USA /// where in having repeated the mistakes of the past

    A good book about WALLACE was // ( BLIND HARRY’S ) WALLACE……
    or known as blin harry, or Henry the Minstrel, thought to have lived from
    1440 to 1493, little is known about him, apart from his achievement ……
    in gathering and recording stories about WALLACE he sang or recited
    these stories in verse form / and was well received at the Renaisance
    court of James 1V….Though it must be added for WALLACE there was
    no honour in killing killings a grave sin unto he Almighty for which one
    is brought to account // the judgement is not open to appeal ( I shall
    not inform of such the sentence. /// Ones only appeal that in facing an
    barbaric cruelity then one having no alternative than to strike back…..
    HOWEVER the Almighty never entertains such defence / thus one has
    no choice but to face ones sentence / however unjust one believe it be.

    Thus if you should see bad in another look for the good and build upon
    that / don’t seek punishment rather give focus unto what being the cure.

  6. S. Griffith Reply

    November 6, 2011 at 8:13 am

    William Wallace, you bring great shame to that great man’s name.

    I would lop most established politicians on both sides of the aisle into the same pot of guilt. Both parties have allowed the government to grow too large over the years, meddling into everything. It has been government meddling that has not only allowed, but encouraged financial manipulations. Privatized profits, socialized losses. It is a disgrace.

    Do three things for me before responding because I get bored discussing things with people who don’t do research. I make the assumption you don’t do research because anyone who insinuates everyone in one political party is bad, and everyone on the other side is good, is intellectually lazy. Now for the three things I would like for you to do. First, study the rise and fall of ancient Greece and the rise and fall of ancient Rome. Second, study the principles that our Republic was built on by our Founding Fathers and their reasons why. Third, study basic economics.

    If you need help with the resources, you can take a short cut through my blog’s videos page where I borrow material from people much more articulate than I am. Good luck!

    (by the way, an excellent book about William Wallace that I recommend is by Nigel Tranter).

    • Just stay in this era and study all of our founding fathers. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, therein you will find the answers. We the People! Plain and simple. Which is why we need to be the guards of the ones we put in office. They are working for us. It is not us working for them. But just remember if Obama gets in for the next two years you will see socialism at work. Now he has us bailing out Greece. Just watch what is happening. We need more people who believe in the Constitution. Back to Basics, keep it simple, get rid of government rules and policies that do not do anything except cost money to run, and run badly at that. Do you realize that every time they raise our taxes that your take home pay gets smaller and smaller, interest rates keep getting higher and higher while the cost of living gets larger and larger, utility costs get higher and higher. Pretty soon we will have to get another job so we can pay our taxes. It’s easier to cut spending on all programs we do not need to keep. We are not talking about the programs that are needed. Lets start with all the stupid things that the government is paying into. The bottom line, VOTE YOUR FAVORITE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE INTO OFFICE.

  7. william wallace Reply

    November 6, 2011 at 12:08 am

    FREE tickets for a return journey aboard the TITANIC. It but beggers belief
    what politicians are capable / of saying /in doing /of promising /of dreaming.

    My advice to the Hispanic people // a second class ticket to a watery grave
    is no choice. Let it be understood ( Republicans ) in govt through fraud as
    corruption brought the nation to bankruptcy /// through halfbaked religious
    ideas beliefs they abandoned international law / and sent the military on a
    rampage through the middle east /// resulting in hundreds of thousands of
    deaths // as untold destruction / in bringing muslims a human river of tears.

    In coming to govt democrats found a appalling situation in every govt dept
    which will take more than a decade dealing with such /a appalling situation
    an Republican govt left / after two terms of the most appalling corrupt govt.

    Thus if your going to vote then vote Democrat. / ALTERNATIVE don’t vote.

    • I am afraid you are talking about the wrong party. The democratic party of today is not like it was in the 1960’s which was government for the people. It is not all about BIG GOVERNMENT, and little for the people. You have better get your facts right. Obama and his phoney administration have done nothing for the people of the U.S. Every time he opens his mouth and says he will do this and do that, why the opposite has happened. We do not need the government to be in our lives more. We can do things for ourselves. We want limited government and the opportunity to think for ourselves and to make our own decisions. I love my freedom in America. With Obama and his administration there is the real corruption and fraud. He will be known as the president that salutes to other country leaders. We do not need that. I don’t care which Republican Candidate you choose but Republican Candidate you must choose over the Democrats as we need to get rid of big spending and regulations that are the downfall to small business. Just look around your own homes, and ask yourselves are you any better off since Obama took office? Do you have more of your earnings to spend on things for the family or for saving? Do you have the ability to work overtime because business is thriving so much that your company needs you to work longer hours? Are your friends all working and thriving? Is there more food on your table at the end of the day? Are your children able to join after school organizations, such as music, or dance are you sure you have the extra money for those things that are important to children? Ask yourselves those questions and look at how the current administration has attributed to the decline of all the things we love to do and participate in. No it is time for a change conservative is the way Less Government, less government spending more money in our pockets at the end of the day. Senator Rubio is right VOTE REPUBLICAN

  8. S. Griffith Reply

    November 5, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Rubio is a great voice for America’s founding principles.

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