Big D Dirt: So what’s up with John Wiley Price these days?

John Wiley Price. Photo by Jan Anderson/SMU

I was sitting around, post stuffing myself with some caramel-apple-walnut pie (yes, it was as good as it sounds) thinking about what I would write about this week. And then I thought, “Where the heck did JWP go?” Yeah, that’s what I think about on Thanksgiving.

Mr. Price has been doing a really good job of keeping his head low in the midst of his ongoing federal probe. But, his perennial entertaining incidents still make him an interesting character. That, added to the fact that Thanksgiving made this a rather dull week in Dallas politics, has made me decide to dedicate this entire post to the recent doings of/doings for John Wiley Price. Buckle your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen.

Though it’s cooled down a bit in the last few months, the Justice for John Wiley Price committee is still going strong. Their website says they fight for Price because, “John has fought to bring Power to the People & John’s investigation is part of a history of FBI attacks on strong Black leadership.” Though the Community Defense Fund is still up and running on the organization’s website and at several local churches, the last organized John Wiley Price fundraiser – to the best of my knowledge – was on Nov. 4.

KwanzaaFest will take place in December despite the FBI investigation on the event and JWP, the event’s founder. According to a search warrant from July, records from the festival were taken as part of the FBI raid of John Wiley Price’s residence. The group took in more than $1 million last year, but the group’s tax return includes no mention of where that money went. While a small sum of the money is categorized, $930,258 of it is classified as “all other expenses” on the return. It’s definitely as shady as it seems.

Despite an early start for JWP’s upcoming challenger, Sylvia Rhodes Bradley, the last peep we heard out of her was over a month ago. In fact, she hasn’t updated her Twitter since Oct. 22, and her Facebook page has gone untouched since Sept. 18. I personally fear she is losing the initial momentum she started with – though this was to be expected given how oddly early she started the race. The only reason to enter a race that early is if you have plans to keep up momentum. I can’t think of an easier way to do that than working the social media angle, so here’s to hoping she comes back with a bang in a month or two.

Maurine Dickey. Photo by Jan Anderson/SMU

JWP is still feuding openly with fellow commissioner Maurine Dickey. While the pair have an obvious constant battle going on, it erupted into name calling on the first of this month. The brawl came during a discussion over County Judge Clay Jenkins’ decision to fire the county’s Homeland Security Director Lisa Chambers for what he called “lazy” and “inappropriate” behavior. Dickey took issue with this, saying, “Judge, name-calling is not allowed in this court. You’ve called her a drunk, and now you’ve called her a loafer.'” Price, who could not resist a response, said , “How would you know [whether she loafs at work]?’ You are never here. Loafers of a feather flock together.” Classy behavior was sorely missed by all.

That’s all I got, folks. If anyone knows anything else, let me know and I’ll update the blog.

-Jessica Huseman

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