All Romney Wants for Christmas is More Rick Perry

Image by DonkeyHotey

By Alex Ehmke, Guest Blogger

The left and the far right have allied against Mitt Romney in the last few weeks. This is not because he’s performed a significant action that has warranted outcry from concerned citizens. Quite the opposite, the criticism that they’ve leveled against him is that as far as the media is concerned, he’s nowhere to be found.

Despite the dying need that other candidates have to get themselves on camera (so much so that they would have eaten fried motor oil at the Iowa State Fair if it meant TV time), Romney has been dodging the media relentlessly. It’s been weeks since he held a press conference, and the frequency of his talk show appearances falls far behind that of his competitors.

Yet, if I were Romney’s campaign manager, I’d say that couldn’t be more perfect.

Cain is by no means out of the race, but the allegations against him have essentially frozen him in place. His poll numbers haven’t taken too large of a dip, but his ability to move forward and attract more donors and campaign volunteers has been compromised. He needs to be able to discuss his innovative tax plan and business background to accomplish this end, but his podium time is already spoken for.

More important to Romney’s sit-and-wait strategy, however, is that while Cain is stuck in no-man’s land, Perry is blowing holes in his own ship. Brought into sharp relief by Perry’s painfully awkward performance tonight, it is clear that time is on Romney’s side. What shocks me most is that a veteran politician like Perry seems to be making the most elementary of mistakes in trying to claw back into the lead.

After his dreadful gaffe in tonight’s debate, Perry’s team decided that the best message to blast out via Twitter, cuz that’s what ‘dem youngsters bin usin’ these dayz, was, “Really glad I wore my boots 2nite because I stepped in it out there.” My initial response: Rick, are you under the impression that you’re still running for governor of the Lone Star State? Americans, for the most part, don’t give a crap about your boots, nor should that ever be your first priority after a lackluster debate performance.

Furthermore, the classic cowboy candidate routine is not only cheesy – it’s an outright bad idea. 90% of the voting public remembers the last ranch-owning president that came out of Texas, and his poor polling numbers upon leaving office suggest that trying to recapture that image is unwise. Yet the forced country accent and rural attitude persist, and I’m left wondering where he got his campaign managers and what they’re on.

As more voters move away from fringe candidates (and I would guess that fringe is exactly where Perry is headed after tonight), they will be left with two viable candidates. Furthermore, one of those two will only be viable if the recent string of allegations bounces cleanly off of him (a result I find unlikely, as there can be only one Teflon president). Therefore, Romney should hunker down, enjoy the Christmas season with that brief interruption for Thanksgiving, and take the nomination in a walk.

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