Yep, it’s an Obama baby doll

Everyone was well aware that there was a bit of an obsession over Obama. Obamagirl, Obama action figures, Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, all of these things are proof positive of the world’s strange obsession with the nation’s first black president. And now, he has a doll. Not just any doll, a baby doll.

The famed doll company Ashton Drake has produced a toddler obama, complete with a little white t-shirt that reads “The birth of hope.” They are selling for $150 a pop.

I’m not sure in what world this wouldn’t be creepy, but should you not be able to front the full $150, you can pay in five easy payments of $30. Not sold? How about the inclusion of the “smallest lifelike details” of baby Obama? Or the waving American flag that adorns the front?

Just kidding. I know you don’t want this. No one does. It’s pretty funny though.

I was going to try to spin this into some sort of larger message about the country, but really, this is just a hysterical piece of capitalism gone wrong. I’m sure there will be a few hundred die-hard Obama fans that eat this stuff up, but the rest of the world will just look on in utter confusion.

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