Sarah Palin says she will not run in 2012

The once-governor of Alaska has finally announced she will not be running for president, says her employer Fox News. After teasing the American electorate for several months, she said her decision was based on “review of what common sense conservatives and independents have accomplished, especially over the last year.”

The explanation, which came in a letter to her supporters, said she believed she was currently more useful in helping to elect “other true public servants to office — from the nation’s governors to congressional seats and the presidency.” She also mentioned dedication to her family as a reason for not throwing her hat in the ring.

Whether or not she is actually helpful is doubtful. Her numbers took a sharp down turn in the early spring, and have not recovered in the slightest.

Her announcement comes the day after New Jersey governor Chris Christie made a similar announcement. The difference is that Chris Christie will not be leaving his post as governor after only a year and a half to run for president – which he emphasized. Could that be a Palin swipe from Christie? Perhaps.

It is unlikely that Palin was ever seriously considering a race. No serious exploratory committee was sent out, and while Fox News released Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich from their contracts forcefully while they considered their run, they never did the same for Palin. Indicating that she was never really intending to skip out on her heavy salary with the conservative news station to take an all-but-guaranteed failed run at the presidency.

In any case, it looks like Sarah Palin will only be gracing our television sets on Fox News.

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