More Winners, More Losers: The Google/Fox GOP Debate

AP Photo. GOP candidates stand on stage at the Fox News/Google debate on Sept. 22.

Six hundred and seventy two word clouds later, the Fox News/Google GOP debate is over. I really didn’t think it was going to end. Two hours of these people is long enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’d say that about any given set of politicians, but there is really only so much banter about mandatory vaccines, “real world” private sector experience and the neighbor’s dog one human can reasonably take. But, through all the one-liners and bantering comes a clear winner and a handful of losers.

Here we go:


*Before we get started here, I want to make it clear that I think Romney was the only real winner. I threw in some pity wins for fun.

Mitt Romney: This guy is unstoppable. He brought it tonight, talking hardcore policy, really sticking it to Perry and even throwing in some humor (hey!). Romney did a great job lambasting Perry for his views on social security, largely outshining the flip-flopper accusations Perry put on him. Romney is, without question, the most polished of all of the candidates. Even when compared to Perry, the only other person that could possible nab this nomination, he looks like a shining beacon of GOP hope against Obama’s speaking skills. Romney has not really had to answer for his Massachusetts healthcare plan, and he soon will. The light smattering of comments on this issue helped him tonight, but he was lucky.

Gary Johnson: No one is going to remember anything but his awesome one-liner about his neighbor’s two dogs creating “more shovel-ready projects than this president,” but that one line will be replayed and replayed and replayed. But hey, now people know who he is.

Herman Cain: If my count was right, Cain was the most-picked VP selection of the candidates when they were asked who of any of the people on stage they would pick (ballsy question, by the way, whoever you were). His 9-9-9 tax plan also got tremendous applause and mentions by the other candidates. Cain is looking more and more legitimate, but he’s still not going to poll much better than he is. Perhaps he’ll be a rather feisty VP candidate in a few months, though.


Rick Perry: Perry, Perry, Perry. You were doing great during the first hour. What happened? Perry’s answers early on to social security and immigration were rocky but weren’t enough to hurt him, and then the second hour rolled around. He tanked, and started giving bizarre and incomplete answers to things. For instance, when asked what he would do if he got one of those 3 a.m. calls telling him that Pakistan lost control of its nuclear weapons to the Taliban, he sort of rambled about relations in the region before going off about India. What? It just went down hill from there. People haven’t stopped attacking him, and he hasn’t started responding with any real effectiveness. He’s been polling ahead of Romney in the past few weeks, and this debate will probably change that.

Michelle Bachmann: Michelle Bachmann’s entire presence can be summed up this way: “Obama is so awful, anyone is electable! Even me!” OK, so she didn’t really say that, but she basically did. If she didn’t answer the questions that way, she answered with flippy non-answers. She’s out of here fast. I’d bet money she’s hanging on until Iowa to see if her luck at the Ames Straw Poll will replay itself. It won’t, and she’ll drop out.

Rick Santorum: I’m giving this guy a semi-loss. He scored some big points on Perry by blasting him on immigration, but I can’t help but feel that his answer on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will come back to bite him. If he wasn’t already completely too conservative, not chastising an audience who booed the now openly-gay man who serves in the military was exactly what he needed to send that over the edge.

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