Guest Blog: Ron Paul still has a chance

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

By Amie Kromis

U.S. Representative Ron Paul (TX-D) has all the makings of a standout presidential nominee: Military experience (flight surgeon in the Air Force), seasoned politician (over 30 years experience), and a successful career as an obstetrician (he has delivered over 4,000 babies!). With all of these favorable attributes, why is Ron Paul still seen as an underdog?

Paul continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with among Republican Presidential candidates, and his track record is looking up with every straw poll. Paul almost upset winner Michele Bachmann in the August 13 Iowa Straw Poll, came in third behind frontrunner Perry and Romney in a September 7 LA Times Poll, and had a blowout at the September 17 California Straw poll with 45 percent of votes.

Paul’s grassroots following is also a major plus for his image in the media, and his community advocates are not limited to older generations. College campuses are also centers of interest for young Libertarians. Paul’s campaign believes they can assemble college students who are frustrated with the Democratic and Republican parties. Paul has the ability to take advantage of these fed up and passionate college students that can turn out in large numbers, as Barack Obama supporters did in the 2008 Presidential election.

Paul is also showing that he can potentially compete with Obama in fundraising. He is the third most successful fundraiser in the presidential field, and has a knack for acquiring money with little time. In August he raised $1.8 million in a day, which raised his total to four times of obtaining more than $1 million in 24 hours.

Paul is using the results of straw polls, advocates, and fundraising to propel him even further into the race. He expanded his brand with a new office in Ann Arbor, MI surrounded with media hoopla to show that he isn’t running a third time for nothing.

However, there are underlying reasons as to why Paul is not reported on as a front-runner in the race.

The catalyst of this non-recognition can easily be seen as the “Dear Frank” letter that Paul wrote to Frank Fahrenkopf, then chairman of the Republican National Committee. Paul wrote his letter of disdain to the Republican Party 24 years ago, yet he stood on the stage of the GOP Debate September 7 vying for the American public’s attention as a nominee for the Republican primary.

Paul’s title as the 1988 Libertarian Presidential nominee allowed him to experience the trials and tribulations of a presidential campaign, which he went through again unsuccessfully in his 2008 presidential campaign. Being on the ticket with other experienced candidates is difficult, but it is even more so when you are running as a Libertarian. The average American hears Libertarian and automatically thinks of someone out of the norm (who isn’t Democrat or Republican) and tends to throw his or her campaign by the wayside. The “Dear Frank” letter and Paul wavering back and forth between political ideologies doesn’t help his case as a marketable candidate to the media. Those actions just set the stage for the media to attack him even more because of his “wacky” ideas, including: eliminating all welfare programs, reducing the defense budget and holding an isolationist point of view regarding foreign affairs.

Paul’s “Dear Frank” letter crippled him for some time, but he has shown his dedication to American people as a viable candidate. Paul has many advantages in his corner that he must continue to utilize in order to garner media attention. As long as Ron Paul sustains this type of activity and visibility he will be able to convey his “wacky” antics as proposals to help better the economy and America as a whole. After all, the third time is a charm.

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