So, Perry for president?

Well, he’s running! As if anyone was surprised.


I wrote a discussion starter for the White Rock Lake Weekly. The crux of the article was this:

Perry is going to run. Is that a good thing?


-He’s a known quantity. He ardently conservative, which some love and some hate, but at least we know his schtick.
-He’s been a relatively consistent politician in Texas. He did what he said he was going to do, and that’s pretty much it.
-He’s been successful in keeping the legal climate fair and keeping Texas’ set up in such a way that fosters job growth.


-He is painfully conservative, and is only getting more so. He chaired Al Gore’s ’88 campaign for president in Texas, and as governor two decades later vetoed a bill that would outlaw texting while driving because he amounted to micromanagement of people’s lives. See the difference?
-His refusal to spend big on social programs has left our public schools in a lurch. Our kids rank last in the nation for graduating by age 25, and less than half of our high school grads go to college. Oh and our colleges? They aren’t that great either.
-He seems to add to a more steamy political climate. How are we going to compromise at a national level when Perry has made compromise such a dirty word in Texas?

In any case, Perry’s announcement in South Carolina will come at the same time as the Ames Straw Poll – the poll in Iowa that is a good indicator of who will be the Republican frontrunner. Perry wasn’t eligible for this because he hadn’t yet announced, so in brilliant Perry fashion his annoucnement will takes some of the spotlight off the Hawkeye State, perhaps rendering it less than useful.

So what are your thoughts: Is Perry a good thing, or a bad thing? Comment here and vote in the poll.

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