Political donations: Like American Idol, right?

I find myself intrigued by how fast politics is starting to pander to the youth population after said group rose up in droves for Obama. It was like there was a unanimous “Oh, crap! These people actually exist!” movement that swung up and smacked the fan right as the 2008 polling numbers came out.

Well, now they want our money too. California is heavily considering a law that would allow political donations by texting. Gone are Obama’s “donate a dollar” campaigns over social media, now we can just text in 10 bucks just like we did for Haiti – though this natural disaster may occur gradually over time, rather than in one big swoop.

Why does everyone love to text? Because its quick, easy and anonymous. The last one being the key word, there. Federal regulations don’t allow anonymous donations above $50, but endless scenarios are running through my head right now on ways I could get around that with my iPhone.

The FEC already nixed this idea because it would be too hard to track where the money is coming from, but California is trying to push through anyway. They will have to come up with guidelines for money turnover from the wireless big wigs and figure out ways to attach the donor’s occupation and line of work to the money, just so all of this will be legit.

Maybe California will have some sort of save plan that will make this OK – both organizationally and ethically – but that plan hasn’t yet appeared in hard copy.

That being said though, I’m totally down for this if California can come up with the model for doing it. Why not have America’s youth text in a couple dollars to the candidate they like? Maybe America’s youth will take donating money as seriously as texting in their votes for American Idol. …maybe.

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