Romney skates through GOP debate as the only real winner

Let me say this: I expected this debate to be a lot more devastating to Mitt Romney than it was. I mean, his healthcare plan (although possibly distorted) was the blue print for Obamacare, he’s flip flopped on abortion and he is hardly what you’d call a member of the evangelical right. But then his opponents totally flopped.

I mean, come on Pawlenty. You had him under toe on that Sunday morning talk show. Obamneycare? Genius. A mean, a bit over thought, but genius. Where was that zest this evening? And Santorum? Why wouldn’t you use that time to nail the guy on his Kerry-esque views on abortion? Either of those things, if delivered well, would have knocked Romney back at least a couple of points in the polls he’s currently destroying both of you in.

But Romney has more than just the ability to appeal to the right. He has the ability to appeal to independents who respect the fact that he isn’t in-your-face-red-all-over. His appeal to Republicans will help him early on, and his appeal to moderates will push him over the edge. Don’t get me wrong, my initial thoughts are that Obama will still beat him, but I think he’s probably the one who will really help republicans pull more seats in contested Senate and House races by convincing the swayable independents over to the red side.

But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Romney, like Hilary Clinton, has peaked too early as a crowd favorite and will soon take a back seat to someone else. But in order for this to happen, someone like Rudy Guliani or (god forbid, see my last post) Rick Perry will need to come out of the woodwork and announce their candidacy. Because I certainly don’t think Pawlenty (here on out referred to as T-Paw) will take this one. And, maybe I just have too much faith in the American people, but I don’t think Michelle Bachmann will either.

I will say this – while Santorum and T-Paw certainly failed to impress me with their lack of political cahones, the debate was quite civil and much more intelligent that I thought it would be. Ron Paul, as always, was the only one who was unabashedly himself (maybe even so much that he got ahead of himself at times), Newt Gingrich did not do near enough to come back from being abandoned by most of his staff last week, Herman Cain made a border-line racist comment about Muslims, and Bachmann was trying to be Sarah Palin the whole time, but at least everyone was civil.

That being said, I do not think civility and a few well placed political zings are necessarily in conflict. If anyone is going to outdo Romney, they better take the time they have left in New Hampshire and Iowa to really confront him, or they’ll be long gone by the time they get to Michigan.

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