DNC and RNC chairmen to face off. Will this be an easy job for Reince?

The new DNC chairman hasn’t exactly been impressive in her first four weeks. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s gaffes are quickly mounting, and conservatives are quick to point out her less-than-factual claims against them. With all of this heat, especially since politico released its write-up on her this morning, her chances aren’t looking too good in her scheduled debate with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

When Obama put her in this position, democrats knew they were getting a feisty leader. It turns out that they didn’t know how feisty. In the past four weeks, she’s achieved a pile of gaffes that are beginning to outnumber the infamously word-clumsy Joe Biden.

So far she has accused Republicans of wanting to go back to Jim Crow laws and trying to wage a “war on women.” She’s also accused them of advancing a Medicare plan that would “literally be a death trap for some seniors.” Then she got slammed for her comments about how Republicans don’t support the American auto industry when she drives a foreign car. And finally, one that I think is the least sensical of all, she accused republicans of trying to make illegal immigration “a crime.” I’m sorry, is it not already illegal?

All of this is most ironic when you consider that the former congresswoman from South Florida was originally hired for this position because she was supposed to be a clear communicator and skillful on camera. …whoops?

After less than a month, Wasserman-Schultz has nabbed much of the attention of the conservative blogosphere – especially upon charges of Wasserman-Schultz being the “next Michael Steele.” In one of my favorite blog posts, one blogger said that he was not going to fall for the idea that she is the next Michael Steele because that would assume she had “a sense of humor or a compelling backstory.” Not so for Wasserman-Schultz, said this blogger, who said her most interesting feature was “a lingering uncertainty about whether or not her name requires a hyphen.”

I don’t share quite the cynicism for the new DNC chairman’s future as that particular blogger, but his comments seem to ring true. What does she have to offer in a time when democrats are facing rising unpopularity, a battle over inappropriate pictures (of, well, wieners) with a man named Wiener, and an economy that some think may be facing a double dip recession? Right now, not much.

In any case, it does not bode well for Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz (I’m just going to roll with the hyphen, it looks better) that all of this hit the fan only two day’s before her Meet the Press Debate with the much more mild-mannered Reince Priebus.

Priebus has, so far, been largely gaffe free. His only frequent memorable appearance in the media has been his pounding of the Democratic Party for their handling of the Anthony Wiener situation. But even then, he’s not ruffling any feathers.

Certainly Priebus has the leg up in this debate. The only real question here is whether Democrats will begin to respond as publicly as Republicans did when Michael Steele got caught up in his own series of mistakes.

Until then, enjoy this pretty damning video that American Crossroads put out on Wasserman-Schultz.

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