‘Walk For Choice’ to rally at Texas Capitol tomorrow

Tomorrow, pro-lifers from across the state will be gathering at the Texas State Capitol building at noon for the first ever statewide “Walk for Choice” rally. This comes at a time when 32 pro-life bills are floating through the Texas Congress while only 10 pieces of pro-choice pieces have been written.

In a statewide press release, the SMU Women’s Interest Network is listed as one of the organizations that came together to “fight back against austerity measures that are limiting and restricting family planning and a woman’s right to choose nationwide.”

Bekah Boyer, a student leader in that organization, said she was joining the protest because she feels women’s rights are “under fire” in the United States.

“77% of legislators who are against abortion and preventive, comprehensive sex education are men; 100% of those men will never be pregnant,” said Boyer. “Legally, Roe v. Wade stands – that means that what happens between a woman and her doctor is a private matter, thus it the government should not be allowed to limit that privacy.”

Boyer said that though she would never choose to have an abortion herself, her feelings should not infringe on the rights of others, and she said legislators should view the issue in the same way and calls the new restrictions on abortion “a new kind of corset.”

Boyer will be carpooling down to Austin, and asks people who have questions to email her at bboyer323@gmail.com.

While there is certainly a lot of passion behind Walk for Choice, they are not likely to meet a friendly crowd in the Austin legistors. Republicans took over the house in the November elections, sweeping in on a wave of unhappiness with federal spending and a resurgance of conservative values. The number of pro-choice vs. pro-life bills accurately reflect the numbers of Democrats and Republicans present in the 82nd Legislative session.

Walk for Choice has a Tumblr, which just sort of acts like a public venting arena for angry pro-lifers. I found their national Facebook page and their Texas facebook page much more informative much more informative about the particular walks. Although the Tumblr does have some interesting posts and entertaining people, I got a particular kick out of the screen name “keepyourboehneroutofmyuterus.” (Incidentally, I wanted to name my first blog post “I have a Boehner!” but the editor of the paper wouldn’t let me. Probably a wise decision.)

In any case, the Texas rally Facebook event page only has 263 “attending,” so there is really no telling how big it will be. I suspect some pro-life activists will turn up in protest of the protest, so that will add an interesting dynamic.

I’m not going to divulge my personal views on this issue, but I do think that overly hostile rants are probably not the best way to reach out to the other side. Both sides are guilty of this, and the WFC Tumblr is full of them. In the end, protests are a great way to reach out to politicians but calm conversation is the best way to come to a final consensus.

In that vein, I hope the rally tomorrow will have more signs like this:

And fewer signs like this:

Regardless of what side I happen to be on, I find the first sign more tolerable and the second sign sort of revolting. I’m not sure which of these is the norm for WFC, because people only take pictures of the most extreme signs, but I personally hope that the norm is more along the lines of the first sign. References to Jersey Shore are always welcome, in my book. Large pink penises, however, are not.

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