Obama: ‘Our job is not yet finished’

In an interview on 60 Minutes, Obama reminded the country that, though al Qaeda’s leader is gone, our job combatting terrorism is not yet finished. He stressed the importance of ensuring that Afghanistan does not become a stronghold for terrorism again, but said that this could be completed within the timeline he has already set out.

““We don’t need to have a perpetual footprint of the size we have now,” he said.

Obama’s current plan is to begin withdrawing troops in July of this year, and to allow residual forces remain for years to come. This plan came with controversy, both from those saying it is too soon and those saying it is not soon enough.

Controversy has also stemmed from the choice to kill Osama bin Laden, though Obama reiterated his comfort with that choice in the 60 Minutes interview.

“As nervous as I was about this whole process, the one thing I didn’t lose sleep over was taking bin Laden out. Justice was done,” he said, sniping that anyone who questioned whether the person who masterminded 9/11 deserved to die needed “to have their head examined.”

The killing of bin Laden was carried out without informing the country of Pakistan, though it happened on their soil. Obama acknowledged the sticky situation that the United States would have been in if their information had been wrong, but said “it was worth it.”

“We have devoted enormous blood and treasure in fighting back against al Qaeda…if we have a good chance of, not completely defeating, but badly disabling al Qaeda, it was worth the political risks and the risks to our men,” he said.

But because their information was correct, Pakistan is now being questioned for their loyalty in the war against terror. After all, the town where bin Laden was found was also the home of their military training facility.

Obama said he feels that there had to be some kind of “support network” within Pakistan, but he does not yet know who was involved, and as of yet there is no proof that any one was involved.

Pakistan since 9/11 “has been a strong counter terrorism partner.” They have had disagreements. “Those differences are real, and they’ll continue.” “We’ve been able to kill more terrorists on Pakistani soil than just about anywhere else. We could not have done that without Pakistan’s cooperation.”

Though he has his suspicions about Pakistan, he admitted that the country “has been a strong counter terrorism partner” since 9/11 and “We’ve been able to kill more terrorists on Pakistani soil than just about anywhere else,” saying we could not have done that without their cooperation.

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