Celebrations at Ground Zero, White House and Bush’s home in pictures

Breakout celebrations occurred at Ground Zero, in front of the White House and in front of George W. Bush’s Dallas home shortly after the announcement that U.S. forces killed Osama Bin Laden. Here are some images so you can celebrate too.

DALLAS- I went to George W. Bush’s home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas to capture the group of Dallas residents and SMU students that gathered outside of the gate. The crowd slowly grew to around 40 people as those celebrating chanted “USA! USA! USA!” and sang “Proud to be an American.” SMU freshman Grace Mueller said she decided to come after watching Obama’s speech. “He forgot to say thanks to President Bush, and we wanted to come out and say thanks,” she said.

The crowd chants "USA! USA! USA!" as more and more get out of cars to join the celebration.

This sign was placed on the gate of George W. Bush's home on Daria Place.

Even the littlest of Dallasites were out for the celebration. This one chose to dress up like an astronaut.

NEW YORK- Phoebe Kingsak, a friend of mine and a NYU journalism student, sent pictures to me from ground zero. She estimated that over 400 people were celebrating, and the crowd was growing. People were chanting “USA! USA! USA!”, “Four more years,” and “Yes we can,” and singing the Star Spangled Banner and even Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” Addressing the crowd, one woman said “I feel joy, I feel peace. I will never feel broken by the enemy.” Kingsak said, “It’s amazing, there are so many people here. They are filling the streets celebrating.”

New Yorkers climb the street sign at the corner of Vessey and Church Street near Ground Zero.

The crowd gathers on Vessey in New York where Kingsak was stationed.

WASHINGTON D.C. Crowds flooded to the White House as soon as word got out about the death of Bin Laden. Here are a few pictures sent to me by Noah Gray from American University and Ben Goodman from the University of Maine. Both were in front of the White House documenting the celebration.

Crowds cheer in front of the White House.

Ben Hobbes, right, is pictured with David Arquette, center. Hobbes ran into Arquette in the crowd at the White House.

I’ll have more from all of these places tomorrow. For now, celebrate along with the people in the photos.

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