Wanna get on the ballot in Arizona? You best be circumcised.

Arizona is evidently the only state so far whose right-wingers have had the balls (pun intended) to pass a “birther bill” – a law requiring presidential candidates to file a document proving they were born in the U.S. with Arizona before the state will put the candidate on its ballot. And guess what you can use? Proof of circumcision. Yep.

Arizona has been called the “meth lab of democracy” on many occasions (this term was coined by Jon Stewart) because of its recent slew of bizarre bills like this one, the one allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns without a permit, and and the controversial immigration bill SB 1070 (all three of these were put up for consideration in one week). The birther bill, though, is probably the most comical.

Candidates can now essentially provide a description of their penis in order to get on Arizona’s ballot. While this may put to rest the conspiracy theorists who think our president was born in Nigeria and then was rocketed to the presidency on the backs of left-wing terrorists, this is still incredibly silly.

The birther bill in Arizona originally started out only allowing a birth certificate. But many members of the Arizona G.O.P. decided they wouldn’t vote for it unless the bill lightened up a little bit, so they decided to allow more documents to show proof of citizenship. In addition to a circumcision certificate, they’ll also accept an early baptismal certificate, a hospital birth record, postpartum medical records or early census records.

A circumcision certificate isn’t actually a legal document. Its provided to Jewish males after they are circumcised in a circumcision ceremony, but it counts.

Those that support this bill say its just an extra measure of caution making sure our politicians are definitely homemade patriots, but others think its just redundant because federal law requires them to show their birth certificate before they file already.

But hey, at least you have options for what to submit to Arizona, it keeps things interesting. Just don’t actually pull out your penis to show Arizona election officials. That probs won’t fly with them.

I found out about this from one of the most hysterical blogs I’ve ever come across, go there if you are looking for a more satirical (read: inappropriate) take on this bill.

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