The royal wedding is over. Can we all be American again?

We may have freed ourselves from the clutches of British rule in 1776, but we still care more about their royal weddings than they do. The Neilson Company published a study (graph above) that analyzed the bridal buzz. Turns out we care almost twice as much.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. My morning news watching session was completely and totally consumed by the new couple’s kiss on the balcony this morning (as in, that was the only thing they covered), and all of the big networks hired British people as temporary reporters for the month’s preparation. In trying to assess what is going on in the world through TV news in the month of April, I have been taken inside a tent of someone camping out for the wedding; watched a panel make guesses on everything to do with Kate’s appearance (even her bridal panties); listened a rundown of what the queen would be serving at her lunch celebration; got a tutorial on British slang; and stopped myself from gagging when a I heard the words “wedding of the century” flapping from the lips of every American reporter on television.

I’m so glad this is over.

But, I think it says quite a lot about American culture that we are able to essentially shut out all of the turbulence in the Middle East, the fact that the United States will default on its debt unless Congress raises the debt limit and the initial chatterings of the 2012 presidential election so we can escape into a world of royalty. Oh, and tea. Don’t forget the tea.

In fact, the only interesting piece of political news I was able to acquaint myself with in the hour I spent watching CNN was that the Syrian ambassador had his invitation to the wedding revoked because more than 450 Syrian civilians have been killed in protests against President Bashar Assad’s authoritarian regime.

But in case you were wondering, Bahrain’s ambassador was still there with bells on. The protests there are evidently not bad enough to warrant an international social beating like uninviting a dignitary to such a classy affair, even though the Bahraini ambassador to Britain used to be in charge of Bahrain’s National Security Agency, which was accused of torture and human rights abuses under his leadership.

But then, such stories would have dampened the fun of the royal wedding. We need more stories about cake. Less stories about torture. Check. Oh, and when do they kiss again?

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