The Campus Debate is tomorrow, let’s not waste it.

After two straight months of planning, it’s finally here. This will be The Daily Campus‘ first real trek into the politics of the city of Dallas, and I’m extremely optimistic about the future of that relationship.

A lot of people have questioned the relationship between SMU and the city of Dallas, since SMU is technically in University Park. But, let’s be honest. University Park doesn’t need a lot of prodding. Dallas, on the other hand, could use a bit of that.

SMU is currently the closest university to Dallas. While Dallas now has the University of North Texas at Dallas, it’s still in its infancy and doesn’t have the student manpower to pull this off. As SMU is so close and we have so many resources, we would be remiss not to use those resources to facilitate conversation within the city of Dallas.

In researching for this debate, I’ve realized the growing difference in South and North Dallas. University Park is nestled into the middle of Downtown and North Dallas, and SMU students seem to be happy ignoring all of the problems that are only a stone’s throw away from them. Hopefully, with the amount of student interest this debate has garnered, SMU students will start to realize that Dallas is not what they see when they look out the doors of their dormitories.

Most of all, I think that SMU is a great meeting point for the citizens of North and South Dallas to come together for this event. As I said before, we are right in the middle. What could be more convenient?

Most of all, for a university that has been so insistent on the fact that it is a Dallas university, it seems odd that we’ve never dealt with the problems that face Dallas. We’ve done outreach, service programs and had DISD students tour the school, but considering the amount of resources we have at our disposal, we have done relatively little to combat the problems that sit on our own front lawn.

This is a small step, but I think it’s a good step. And I hope that KTVT and The Daily Campus retain this relationship and continue to do this for mayoral debates in the future.

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