Sheen Palin 2012!

By Greenless Studios

Sarah Palin has been taking a beating recently. She’s down in almost every poll, and in the polls that she’s up its typically only by 1 percent. But, this may be the worst.

In a poll released today, independents say that they would vote for Charlie Sheen over Palin by a 41 to 36 percent margin. Yeah, I’m serious. To quote the pollsters- “That is how low Palin’s public image has fallen.”

But beyond pointing out the obvious fact that Palin probably doesn’t stand a chance in a presidential election, it also pointed out how divided we’ve become. 86 percent of Democrats view Palin negatively, versus 64 percent who view Sheen that way. In striking similarity, 86 percent of Republicans disapprove of Obama, while 73 percent don’t approve of Sheen. Democrats would take Sheen over Palin by 44 to 24 percent, and Republicans would take Sheen over Obama 37 to 28 percent.

Perhaps the most shocking information here is that Democrats hate Palin more than Republicans hate Obama. Maybe the criticism of Republicans’ rhetoric should shift to the Democrats. Because, as much as I dislike Palin…do we really wanted someone who enjoys “banging seven gram rocks” in office? Well, I guess he does have tiger blood. Is that better or worse than being a mama grizzly?

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