Sonogram bill: A big exception to small government


Interfering with medical practices is not OK in Texas, unless, of course, you are regulating abortion. The government should also not be allowed to tell you what to do with your life, but it can put you to death. The state should not be able to tax you, but it should be able to remove people from history books and try to require Christian studies classes in public schools. …or so say our Texas legislators.

How is it that Texas is still labeled a “small government” state, while still regulating everything that falls outside the boundaries of our narrow social norms? I don’t understand.

I interviewed Cal Jillson, an SMU political science professor who teaches Texas politics, and I think what he said summed it up best:

“It’s a small-government state as longs you are behaving according to some fairly traditional social standards, otherwise we want you behaving like your mama should of taught you to.”

Well, maybe the legislators’ “mamas” should have taught them how to be consistent. Big governments don’t just regulate finances and taxes. They don’t just balance budgets. They also place social restrictions on their citizenry’s actions.

Texas should seriously reconsider its “small government” label, and so should the rest of the world. I’m not calling any of their regulations good, or bad. But I am saying that Rick Perry should probably stop preaching the benefits of small government to the world when he puts abortion legislation on his “emergency list.”

So, lets call Texas what it is: Conservative. Not anti-government.

Lee Judge / The Kansas City Star (February 14, 2011)

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