Democrats feeling the blues?

A Gallop poll released today says that there are half the amount of “solidly blue” states now as there were in 2008. With 30 shining blue states then and only 14 now, serious questions are starting to arise about the effectiveness of the current administration and the former Democratic House and the current Democratic Senate. Is it too late for the donkeys?

Maybe not. Says the poll: “Even with Democratic Party affiliation declining during the past two years, Democratic states still outnumbered Republican states by 23 to 10 last year, and there were 14 solidly Democratic states compared with 5 solidly Republican states.”

Even so, its hard to deny the waning power of the Democratic Party given its recent “shellacking” in the 2010 midterm election. The poll says that these numbers reflect polls in the mid-2000s, which party affiliation was pretty much evenly split.

This poll also ranked the top 10 Democratic and Republican states. No surprise that D.C. tops the list of Democratic states.

Many of you will look at the following list of top Republican states and say “what?! No Texas!?” But it does make sense, especially given the growing minority population and the fact that all urban areas of Texas are quickly turning a bright shade of blue. Thus, the ones that top this list should be no surprise: largely white, largely non-urban.

So, what do you think? Is this the beginning of a down-hill slope for the Democrats? Or are we just leveling out from being extremely partisan? Vote and comment.

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